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Image Capture

MY CU Services’ image capture program allows your credit union to send your share draft deposits to MY CU Services as an electronic file for processing. MY CU Services has multiple image capture programs available.

Branch Capture

A branch capture and deposit product offers credit unions a cost-effective and efficient way to comprehensively capture check images, and send those images electronically to complete the entire process as envisioned by Check 21.

A branch capture product solution provides an efficient means of imaging, archiving and electronic check presentment, which streamlines back-office procedures and eliminates the need to microfilm or copy items. Credit unions will also benefit from faster availability of funds and expanded branch cut-off times.

MY CU Services will provide forward collection of captured images. These items are sorted and forwarded on behalf of the credit union, utilizing our least-cost routing technology.

How Branch Capture Works:

Instead of encoding deposited checks or taking them to a third-party encoder, a credit union simply needs to scan the checks deposited during the day. This can be done at the back counter or at the teller window. With a branch capture product, a credit union will scan their transit items to create a Check 21-compliant image file for processing.

Images are then forwarded to MY CU Services through a secure internet connection, either in batches or individually as scanned. This can be done multiple times throughout the business day.

MY CU Services will handle the forward collection process of these imaged items. All work received by MY CU Services' established cut-off time will be credited to the credit union’s settlement account the next business morning. Funds will be 100 percent available at that time.

The credit union will truncate the original paper items for a period of their choosing. MY CU Services recommends that length of time to be no less than 180 days; however, there is no regulatory minimum truncation period.

Any returned deposit items will route back to MY CU Services, since we will be acting as the bank of first deposit. The credit union will be notified of their returns on the same business day that MY CU Services receives them.

Branch Capture Benefits:

  • Availability
    Expanded cut-off times mean deposits received by MY CU Services' established cut-off time will be 100 percent available the next day.
  • Return Times
    Quicker return times as a result of electronic presentments will increase the benefits of check holds, limiting potential losses for the credit union.
  • Efficiency
    A branch capture solution increases credit union deposit efficiency. Paperless deposits speed the transfer of funds to your settlement account.
  • Cost Savings
    Eliminate or reduce courier runs and the cost associated with these services.

Teller Capture

Similar to branch capture, teller capture takes convenience a step further. Instead of scanning several batches throughout the day or waiting to scan all checks at the end of the day, teller capture allows your tellers to scan checks as they are presented. Teller capture will interface with the credit union’s core processor at each teller workstation when coupled with their Receipt Manager product to allow check images to be transmitted in real-time, directly to MY CU Services.

How Does Teller Capture Work?

When a check-based transaction is posted, the teller capture program automatically appears on the workstation. With all transaction information integrated into the software, the teller only has to scan the checks. Each transaction is checked, balanced and processed at the teller line, thus eliminating most end-of-day check balancing, as well as all cash letter preparation, scanning, micro-filming and encoding.

Teller Capture Benefits:

  • Quick and convenient processing
  • Reduction of losses from returned checks due to faster return timeframes.
  • Check availability will increase over paper deposits.
  • Eliminate back-office scanning and check preparation.
  • Extensive research capabilities and error detection.

Business Capture

Businesses have many options when it comes to financial services. To stand out from the crowd, consider adding a product that provides convenience. And there is nothing more convenient for a business than depositing checks without having to visit a local branch. With MY CU Services’ Business capture product, the business can deposit checks directly into the credit union right from the office.

The business simply scans the checks using the provided scanner. A file is generated and sent to the credit union and is readable by any core system. As the file arrives, it is automatically credited to the business member’s account at the credit union.

Convenience Equals Savings

Processing and transmitting deposits with merchant capture is easy. Your business members will appreciate the convenience of scanning checks from their location – saving trips to the credit union, allowing more frequent deposits and earlier availability of funds. Businesses with regional and national locations can simplify their account relationship by consolidating accounts, which means significant savings in account maintenance and transaction fees.

Business Capture Benefits:

  • Generates files readable by any core system.
  • Scalability for businesses of all sizes – businesses with multiple locations can consolidate to one account, saving on account maintenance and transaction fees.
  • Simple installation instructions and tools for commercial accounts.
  • Includes multi-location configuration options.
  • Utilizes MICR/CAR/LAR technology to automatically scan and verify check amounts.
  • Deploys image quality control methods to reduce errors and mitigate risk.
  • Provides automatic MICR line correction.
  • Automatically totals and balances each batch.
  • Provides comprehensive research and reporting capabilities.
  • Automatically detects duplicate check scans.
  • Offers customizable review keys to meet the needs of each commercial account or branch.
  • Provides configurable permission levels and user access for increased security.

ATM/ITM Capture

MY CU Services’ ATM/ITM capture increases both security and efficiency for credit unions. Instead of staff or third-party vendors making daily trips to your ATMs to pull deposited checks and manually scanning these for processing and collection, ATM capture allows scanned images of the checks to be instantly transmitted to MY CU Services for further review and processing.

How does ATM Capture work?

A special depository on ATMs allows checks (and cash) to be inserted directly into the depository slot without an envelope. The depository reads the checks and captures images that the ATM then transmits directly to MY CU Services. The ATM capture application checks for an endorsement, as well as image quality standards, and will send items into a review queue if they do not meet these requirements.

Your credit union can also set a dollar threshold for reviewing checks over a certain amount from each ATM. Credit union staff monitors the review queue throughout each business day for items needing to be reviewed. In addition, ATM capture can be integrated with MY CU Services’ fraud detection services for real-time fraud monitoring. At the end of the day, MY CU Services processes all approved items in conjunction with your branch or teller capture work.

In addition to ATM capture, MY CU Services also offers image capture for Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs).

ATM Capture Benefits:

  • Quick and convenient processing.
  • Eliminate the cost of third-party vendors to pull check deposits.
  • Increase security for staff manually pulling deposits.
  • Eliminate back-office scanning and check preparation.
  • Extensive research capabilities and error detection.
  • Option for real-time fraud detection.

Mobile Capture

MY CU Services’ Mobile Capture solution provides your credit union members with the ability to take pictures of their checks and deposit the funds into their account using a camera-equipped smartphone or tablet. Your members simply log in to the mobile application, key in the check amount and take photos of the front and back of the deposit item.

Our system captures and processes the check images, automatically corrects image distortions, converts the images to conform with Check 21 standards and securely transmits the data for processing.

AFS Fraud Services

Manual fraud detection of your image capture items is a thing of the past. MY CU Services has partnered with Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS) to offer batch detection services to credit unions that utilize our image capture solutions.

Through our AFS Fraud Services, your credit union will have access to a database of potentially fraudulent items. Your items will be scanned against the database to provide alerts of possible duplicate and fraudulent items.

The AFS database is comprised of counterfeit, non-sufficient fund, closed account, duplicate and fraud data collected from financial institutions, vendors and core processors.

TrueChecks Solutions

We have several different options to best serve your credit union and provide fraud detection based on the image capture products you offer.

TrueChecks Frontline

This service allows credit union staff to use a portal to submit an inquiry on any item they deem suspicious.

Tier 1 Account Status with Early Warning Deposit Check

This is an add-on to Frontline, where inquires are scanned against the AFS database, as well as a secondary database through fraud company, Early Warning.

TrueChecks Batch

MY CU Services provides copies of captured item files to AFS to scan against the AFS database. AFS generates reports of the results that the credit union can review in their AFS portal.

TrueChecks Batch with Early Warning

MY CU Services provides copies of captured item files to AFS to scan against the AFS and Early warning databases. A report of the results is then made available in the credit union’s AFS portal.

Alogent Teller Capture Integration

This is a real-time integration between MY CU Services’ Alogent teller capture platform and the AFS fraud database. If an item is flagged within the AFS database, the teller can choose to accept or reject the item or opt to place an extended hold.

Cross-Channel Fraud Integration

This is a real-time integration for all of MY CU Services’ Alogent capture platforms, including branch/teller, ATM/ITM, merchant and mobile. If an item is flagged, the branch/teller capture solution will notify the teller, while items submitted via the ATM/ITM, merchant and mobile capture platforms are automatically sent into a review queue for evaluation.

AFS Fraud Services Benefits:

  • Capture an average of 60-70 percent of fraudulent deposits.
  • Receive Reg-CC recommendations on how to handle suspicious items.
  • Scanning process transparent to account holders.
  • Reliable database with 10+ years’ worth of historical data.
  • Support via email and phone, continuous training and periodic updates.
  • Ease of use and integration options.

If your credit union is interested in more information, please contact our sales team at (888) 985-7280 or

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