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Managed IT Services

(in partnership with CU*Answers)

The 21st century is uniquely defined by technology. It’s ingrained in the way we communicate and socialize, conduct our daily routines and even handle our finances. Credit unions are no exception to technology, and we utilize it in every single aspect of our day-to-day operations. However, maintaining your IT infrastructure comes with its challenges.

That’s where our Managed IT Services can be helpful! MY CU Services has teamed up with CU*Answers to offer an entire suite of IT solutions to equip your credit union with the necessary resources to keep your information technology functions running smoothly.

These services are broken out into different areas of importance when it comes to credit union technology – workstation and server management, email management, network infrastructure management, backups and business continuity and support services.

Workstation & Server Management

Your equipment – from employees’ workstations to credit union servers – is critical to your operations. We offer the following solutions to ensure they are protected.

Systems Monitoring & Administration

  • Automated log collection and monitoring of Windows servers and workstations
  • Continuous alerts for common system values and critical processes
  • 180-day server log archive
  • Weekly reporting for environment health, patch status, logins and access activity
  • Hardware and software asset management tracking and on-demand reporting

Patch Management

  • Monthly server patch installation scheduled during off-peak hours
  • Automated workstation patch installation
  • Weekly review of workstation patch status
  • Patching scope for workstations and server operating system, as well as third-party applications
  • Monthly patch status report

Managed Security

  • Host-based intrusion prevention
  • Data loss prevention controls
  • Managed website content filtering, alerts and reporting
  • Trend Micro Worry-Free Business software with automated reporting
  • Active directory oversight, alerts and reporting

Email Management

So many business functions are shared and completed through email. Make sure your email systems are in tip-top shape with the following services.

Hosted Email

  • Microsoft Business 365 Premium, licensed per user
  • Mailboxes up to 50GB per user
  • Email backup to CNS server
  • Calendar, contacts and public folders
  • Mobile access for phones and tablets

Email Security

  • Data loss prevention policies for member and confidential data
  • Customized monitoring and alerts
  • Anti-malware and phishing controls, as well as attachment scanning
  • Access silos and multifactor authentication
  • Email encryption options
  • Mobile device management
  • Email archive, e-discovery and litigation holds

Network Infrastructure Management

Maintaining your networks takes a lot of time and resources. Luckily, we offer these solutions to help alleviate those burdens.

Network Monitoring & Alerts

  • Continuous alerts for all managed networks
  • Performance reporting including interface-specific uptime/downtime, packet loss, latency and hardware performance
  • Regular configuration backup at CU*Answers
  • Technical support including configuration changes

Firewall Management

  • 90-day retention of continuous Firewall Syslog Collection
  • Customized monitoring and alerts
  • Application layer security, including intrusion prevention and gateway anti-virus malware
  • Secure remote and mobile access with multifactor authentication
  • Change management and technical support
  • Regular firmware updates with hardware and software warranties
  • Weekly activity reporting

Backup & Business Continuity

Credit unions are only as good as their ability to continue operations even during an emergency. That’s where our backup and business continuity services come in to play.

Backup & Data Protection

  • Incremental backups for target servers run on a scheduled basis
  • Daily backup data replicated to Network Services datacenters (500GB offsite storage included)
  • On-appliance virtualization recovery capabilities
  • AES data encryption for backup data in transit and at rest
  • Weekly integrity checking of backup jobs for both on and offsite files

Virtual Branch

  • Virtual hot site for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • CNS private Cloud SSAE 18 SOC 2 datacenters
  • Recovery test report and gap analysis
  • VMware Horizon VDI images running on core/client defined software
  • Annual disaster recovery test for all systems

Support Services

The most important part of managing your IT operations is having reliable support, which is what these services are all about.


  • Unlimited remote support during business hours
  • Variable onsite support resources
  • Tech and Virtual Presence Tech services
  • Project assistance for custom projects
  • Incident response support
  • Fulfillment of any IT equipment needs, from PCs to networking gear, through an online store
  • Management and tracking of all subscription-based services and renewals


  • Daily checks: site and system outages, endpoint system alerts, onsite and offsite backups, events and alarms on servers, virtualization/infrastructure and 365 backups
  • Weekly checks: report delivery, endpoint security systems, patch management status and functionality, RMM agent systems, workstations in proper OUs and login failure reporting
  • Monthly checks: patching, assurance reports and agents that have not checked in Network Services datacenters (500GB offsite storage included)

The bottom line is this – MY CU Services and CU*Answers are here to make your IT operations more manageable, so you can concentrate on other things!

If your credit union is interested in more managed IT services information, please contact our sales team at (888) 985-7280 or

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